Kansas City Glare: Winter Endurance, Republican Debate & War Updates

We hope to have more for the morning update but for late night & early denizens of the discourse we wanted to check in with more than a few headlines and hot takes for now.

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Kansas City Confronts Round II

KC-area residents stock up on supplies, preparing for another winter weather blast

More winter weather is on its way and many in the metro are making sure they are ready for round two.

Fight For Local Streets

Pre-treatment, staffing help quickly clear KC roads after winter storm

The general consensus: Yes, it's still sloppy in spots, but streets are in decent condition ahead of a bonkers blast of arctic proportions.

Scribe Shares Perspective & IMPORTANT Health Stats

I wish Lloyd Austin a fast cancer recovery, but he set a bad example for Black men | Opinion

African American men develop prostate cancer at a rate of 1 in 6. The secretary of defense should have said much more, much earlier, says Toriano Porter.

Detector Deets

KCFD: Carbon monoxide calls 'slightly' increase in winter months; how to avoid CO poisoning

With extremely cold temperatures and sub-zero wind chills expected in the coming week, it's important for homeowners to know how to avoid CO poisoning.

Lucky Lady Earns EPIC Cash 

Kansas City woman discovers winning Powerball ticket in her purse

She told the Missouri Lottery she bought the ticket on Dec. 4, 2023, and it had been in her purse the whole time.

Starlet Stays Winning

Margot Robbie the $1B Barbie is a bubblegum delight on Deadline's cover as she talks ambitions to DIRECT: 'I've been slowly working towards it'

Letting her signature blonde locks tumble over her shoulders in gentle waves, the Barbie bombshell showed off her shapely legs in a pinup pose and modeled a towering pair of stilettos.

MAGA Claps Back Against Prez Biden

Trump says Biden brought 'chaos' to US, vows to bring 'success' in possible second term

Former President Trump, if elected to a second term, said he would alleviate the "chaos" brought to the nation by the Biden administration by securing the southern border, bringing America back to energy independence, and expanding and strengthening the military.

Bitter Battle Of The Deuces

Haley and DeSantis tear into each other’s records in a hostile head-to-head Republican debate

In their most hostile encounter yet, Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis attacked each other early and often in Wednesday’s Republican primary debate rather than focus on Donald Trump, the absent front-runner, as both tried to demonstrate they were the strongest alternative to the former president.

GOP Hunting Hunter

Republican-led committees to consider holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress

The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees will meet to vote on resolutions recommending the full House hold Hunter Biden in criminal contempt of Congress.

White House Attempts Peace As Holy Land War Escalates

Senior Biden adviser to visit Beirut as tensions on Israel-Lebanon border escalate

Amos Hochstein's visit is part of urgent efforts by the Biden admin to prevent an all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Vlad's Rockets Rain Down

Ukraine war: Russian missiles wreck Kharkiv hotel - governor

Turkish journalists are among 11 reported injured in a Russian air strike on Ukraine's second-largest city.

Elites Have Their Problems As Well OR Brits Full Of It . . . 

Eton College delays start of new term as Thames Water sewers block toilets at £50,000-a-year boarding school

Eton College has delayed its school term after toilets in its boarding houses backed up due to recent floods.

Cold Weather Inspires Creativity

Platte City snow artist likes to go big with her winter creations

"I like big art, and we don't really have room for it in the house," snow artist Disa Rice told KMBC 9 on Wednesday

Something Winter This Way Comes . . . 

FIRST WARN FORECAST: Colder weather, second snowstorm on its way

Just in time for the streets to clear, we are watching another chance for snow Thursday night into Friday morning.

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