Kansas City Flare: Foodies, Football Fashion & Holy Land Fighting

Right not hottie Kylie and her fashion leadership inspire our midday peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Super Bowl Fashion Sneak Peek

Kansas City Chiefs show first look of Super Bowl jersey

With the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers having the same colors, a big question is what jerseys will the teams wear?

Filling In The Dotte

Unified Government ramps up pothole response amid declining road conditions

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, is increasing efforts to patch up potholes across the county.

Headstone Shut Down Mourned

Kansas City metro home improvement supplier suddenly shutters after 30 years in business

Midland Marble & Granite notified employees last Thursday that the company was closing

Newsie Makes Good

Elizabeth Alex promoted at KCU | Northeast News

Michael BushnellPublisher Elizabeth Alex, long time director of communications and public outreach for Kansas City University (KCU), has been named the university's Executive Director of University Relations. In her new...

First Responders Save Morning

Fire causes extensive damage to home in Kansas City, no injuries reported

Firefighters responded to a fire at around 7:30 p.m. in the 500 block of Donnelly.

Big Game Boost Celebrated

Kansas City businesses see boost in sales thanks to Chiefs Super Bowl run

The world is watching as the Kansas City Chiefs continue another Super Bowl run, and it's helping fuel an industry that typically see a lull in business this time of year.

Meet New Artsy Boss

Jessica May will take the reins of Kansas City's Kemper Museum: 'A complete joy to me'

The new leader of Missouri's first contemporary art museum will bring two decades of experience working with artists and communities at institutions across the country.

Red Fashion Game Revealed

Kylie Jenner Wore 2024's Biggest Color Trend to the Jacquemus Show

Kylie Jenner attended the Jacquemus fashion show in France in a red minidress and matching accessories. See her full look here.

White House Turns Against Migrants Amid Outrage

Biden's pivot: Why the president is moving to the right in 2024 on immigration

President Joe Biden's call for authority to "shut down the border" shows how far the immigration debate has moved to the right.

Swifties Trump MAGA

Donald Trump will not win a war against the Swifties

Swift's US adult fan base is larger than the 2020 presidential vote, is unafraid to "go low," and has a long history of sending death threats.

MAGA Earns Global Praise

Rep Tenney nominates Trump for Nobel Peace Prize for 'historic' Abraham Accords

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., has nominated former President Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize, citing his role in the "historic" Abraham Accords.

Campaign Season Scare Tactics Cautioned

A Georgia judge is weighing new protections for the 2024 vote. It could backfire.

Atlanta District judge Amy Totenberg is weighing an order from the bench to mandate additional protections to Georgia's 2024 vote - as many election officials urge her not to do so.

European War Deal

Russia and Ukraine swap hundreds of POWs, Moscow says

Russia and Ukraine exchanged about 200 prisoners of war (POWs) each on Wednesday, nearly a week after the two nations traded accusations over the fatal crash of a plane that Moscow claimed was carrying Ukrainian POWs, the countries confirmed Wednesday. The Russian Defense Ministry said each side received 195 soldiers, per The Associated Press, while...

Report: U.S. Preps Holy Land Fight?!?

U.S. Military Personnel in Iraq Put on Standby to Support Ground Involvement in Israel's War on Gaza

Documents suggest the U.S. has put military personnel in Iraq on standby to support U.S. ground involvement in Israel's war on Gaza.

Fear Of Far East Internets Sabotage

Chinese hackers preparing to 'wreak havoc' on American citizens, communities, FBI director warns

FBI Director Christopher Wray will warn lawmakers during a hearing on the Chinese Communist Party about the hacking threat that Beijing poses to Americans.

Tech Honchos Testify

Mark Zuckerberg, Linda Yaccarino among tech CEOs grilled for failing to protect kids

The top executives from Meta, X, TikTok, Snap and Discord get the fifth degree from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Regal Sharing & Caring Explored

Husband with three wives who call him 'King' says polyamory helps them 'thrive'

Husband with three wives who call him 'King' says polyamory helps them 'thrive'Source: This Morning, ITV

Surveying American Imagination

More Americans prefer Kelce to be their neighbor over teammate Mahomes

Most valuable player - or most valuable neighbor? Travis Kelce is the nation's most desirable neighbor according to a new poll.

Listing Local events

What you want to do this month in Kansas City: February 2024

Here is what you want to do this month in Kansas City in February 2024.

Mogul Makes Excellent Call

Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy: 'The Chiefs are becoming the Patriots'

The president of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, says he thinks it's fair to compare the Chiefs to the Brady-Belichick Patriots dynasty.

More Golden Ghetto Carbs Coming Soon

Long-awaited bakery, coffee shop 'finally' on the way in Johnson County. 2 more coming

Here's where the French-style cafes will be.

Lactose Celebration

Shatto Milk Company churns out red velvet milk honoring Chiefs success

When the Kansas City Chiefs make it through the AFC Championship, the Shatto Milk Company makes a new flavor.

Hipsters Serve Foodie Scene

Dish & Drink KC: Triple-dip at Third Space Coffee, Ten & Two, and Quentin's BBQ & Sides in Bonner Springs

Pretty in Pink at Third Space Coffee.// Photo by Lauren Textor Third Space Coffee Third Space Coffee, like so many Kansas City businesses, is part of a greater love story. Married couple Amy and Bill opened Third Space in 2017 to create a community space for people to meet and spend time together outside of work or home.

Soggy Forecast Ahead

WEATHER BLOG: From unseasonably warm temperatures, back to rain this weekend, Nick Bender says

Saturday has been upgraded to a First Alert Weather Impact Day

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