Kansas City Faith: Local Tech, Drone War & Blessing Backlash

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Bus Attack Aftermath

Kansas City public transportation authority hit by ransomware

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) announced it was targeted by a ransomware attack on Tuesday, January 23.

Doubt Amongst Churchgoers

'Community divided:' Kansas Archbishop defends priest hiring at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Lenexa

Parents at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Lenexa are alarmed and asking questions over this month's appointment of a priest as the parish's new senior associate pastor.

JoCo Confronts History

Who owns the past? Tribes and state historians ask lawmakers to decide on Shawnee Indian Mission - Kansas Reflector

Tribal and local governments are at odds over a bill in the Kansas Legislature that would transfer ownership of Shawnee Indian Mission.

Leader Talks Legacy

4 The People: 1-on-1 with Missouri Governor Mike Parson

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - This week, FOX4's "4 The People" continues its "On-Location" visits to state capitols, sitting down with Missouri Governor Mike Parson. Gov. Parson gave his sixth and fi...

Cowtown Creativity In Nation's Paper Of Record

Local artist has had his Chiefs artwork recognized by the NY Times

Anthony Oropeza started painting young Patrick Mahomes when he was just a rookie. His work is so impressive, that it ended up in the New York Times.

Angel In The Wild

Erin Heatherton Was One With Nature During Her SI Swim Photoshoot in Zanzibar

The two-time brand model also worked as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Prez Talks Drone War

As Biden vows retaliation after drone strike kills US troops, Republicans push for bigger response

Congressional leaders on Sunday mourned three American service members killed in a drone strike in Jordan and called for retaliation

Hip-Hop Shout Out

Snoop Dogg does hard U-turn, now says he has nothing but 'love and respect' for Donald Trump

Snoop Dogg said Donald Trump's decision to pardon Death Row Records cofounder Michael Harris played a role in his change of heart about the former president.

Lady Vote Reality Check

Trump's attacks on Haley pose risks with female voters

Former President Trump's attacks on Nikki Haley risk eroding his already weak support with certain female voters as he barrels toward the GOP nomination. Trump ratcheted up his attacks on Haley during his victory speech in New Hampshire, where he mocked the dress she wore that evening and referred to her as "birdbrain."

Tough Talk Amid Border Debate

Texas lt. governor responds to question about possible "civil war"

Dan Patrick responded to a question about a possible "civil war" over the use of razor wire at southern border.

GOP Talks Consequences

House GOP releases impeachment articles in bid to oust Homeland Security's Mayorkas

Republicans contend Mayorkas' "willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law" on immigration amounts to "high crimes and misdemeanors" for failing to manage the U.S.-Mexico border.

El Papa Offers Clarification Amid Outrage

Pope says LGBT blessings are for individuals, not approval of unions

Pope Francis on Friday defended a Vatican document on blessings for same-sex couples but said they were not an approval of a lifestyle the Church sees as potentially sinful but of individuals seeking to get closer to God.

Feeling Swine . . . 

Hickory Log's new-ish owner is punching up the menu while respecting its legacy.

The Hickory Log 's new-ish owner is punching up the menu while respecting the popular neighborhood joint's nearly 50 year legacy.

Another Cloudy Start

FIRST WARN FORECAST: Dense Fog Advisory for north of the metro to 9 a.m. Monday

After six days of complete cloud coverage, we finally got to see the sun on Sunday! Temperatures made it to the upper 40s and 50s for most of us.

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