Kansas City Double Up: Cashing In On Hype & Robot Wars Underway

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Gearing Up

When the Chiefs win, the city wins: KC clothing brand sees boost in sales ahead of Super Bowl appearance

The Kansas City Chiefs' recent returns to the AFC Championship and Super Bowl have not only brought joy to their loyal fan base, but they're also making an impact on businesses throughout the city.

Lesson In Celebration

Teachers awarded Super Bowl tickets thrilled with Chiefs AFC Championship win

Super Bowl LVIII tickets will cost you close to $10,000 a piece. But a pair of area teachers will be going to the game for free.

Leftover Explanations

Good360 nonprofit explains where losing team's AFC Championship gear ends up

Chiefs fans flocked to stores across the Kansas City metro to get their hands on AFC Championship gear that had been sealed away in boxes until the moment the Chiefs took the win on Sunday.

Unpacking Baller Tribute

Chiefs' Justin Reid talks about how 'In Spags We Trust' shirts came about

Much of the talk after Sunday's dominate win against the Ravens isn't about anyone who took a snap for the team, but the defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Filled Up With Hype

Kansas City businesses, hotels see boost thanks to Chiefs Super Bowl run

"It's like having St. Patrick's Day, but now we're going to have it for two weeks."

Fashion Tips Almost Exposed

Lindsey Pelas In Plunging Braless Dress Is 'Sweeter Than I Look'

Bikini bombshell Lindsey Pelas is stunning in a very exposing braless dress as she goes sparkly to show she's "sweeter" than she "looks."

White House Waits To Strike

Biden facing growing pressure on response to Iran over deadly drone attack

Some Republicans are calling for a U.S. strike inside Iran.

MAGA Makes More Friends

Trump puts on full-court press for big-time donors - and nabs more than a few

The former president has scored a commitment from Ron DeSantis' former top money man, among others.

Mexican Standoff For Campaign

GOP border showdown looms between Senate, House

The Senate is poised for a border showdown with the House as it gets ready to move ahead with legislation, despite Speaker Mike Johnson's (R-La.) warning that it is likely dead on arrival in the lower chamber. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and his allies aren't ignoring Johnson, but they're betting if the legislation...

Showdown Underway

Homeland security chief Mayorkas decries 'false accusations' as Republicans consider impeachment articles - live

House Republicans blame the homeland security secretary for mishandling the southern border

Border War Begins?!?

Echoes of the American Civil War in small Texas border town

Clutching assault rifles, and surrounded by Humvee armoured cars and state police, a group of National Guardsmen in full combat gear stand menacingly next to a gate under a steel fence.

Covert Attacks In Holy Land

Israeli forces kill three Palestinian militants in West Bank hospital raid

CCTV captures undercover forces disguised as medics and nurses in the hospital with weapons raised.

Tech War Realized

Robots Are Fighting Robots in Russia's War in Ukraine

Aerial drones have changed the war in Ukraine. Now, both Russia's and Ukraine's militaries are deploying more unmanned ground robots-and the two are colliding.

Tesla-Borgs Linked Up

First human has received Elon Musk's 'terrifying' Neuralink brain chip implant

ELON Musk has divided fans after announcing that his controversial Neuralink brain chip has been implanted in a human. The Neuralink tech aims to enable someone to control their phone or anoth...

Progressive Frustration Captured

'Starting Another F*cking War': MSNBC's Joy Reid Caught On Hot Mic Cursing During Biden Story

MSNBC's Joy Reid unwittingly unloaded an f-bomb on a hot mic during Monday's edition of The ReidOut.

AI Augmentation Down Under???

Aussie MP accuses Channel Nine of doctoring image to 'enlarge boobs', reveal stomach

The subtle changes made to the photo of the Victorian MP have been labelled 'creepy and impossible to defend', forcing an awkward explanation from the network.

Say Hello To New Bad Guy

The Chiefs are the new Patriots, the team everyone loves to hate - Yahoo Sports

If the Chiefs manage to win another Super Bowl, expect the Kansas City fatigue to hit new highs in the 2024 season.

Drink Up Hype

'I get so excited about the Chiefs': Shatto Milk Company inspired by Chiefs success

The Shatto Milk Company in Osborn, Missouri, is launching a special milk flavor dedicated to the Chiefs' latest AFC Championship.

Swifties Run The Jewels

Kansas City jewelry store restocks after 'Taylor Swift Effect'

EB and Co., located in Brookside, is in the national spotlight after one of the store's red and gold creations was spotted on Taylor Swift.

Spicing Up Morning Coffee

Hola Cafe caffeinates with Latin flavors

Duvalin Latte at Hola Cafe // Photo by Brenda Cortes A new Latin cafecito has landed in Kansas City. Hola Cafe is located just 10 minutes from downtown on Truman Road. First opening its doors in October 2023 from a cozy house location, this hidden gem has now found a new home, sharing space with Hola Nail Salon.

Winter Climate Celebration

We are springing into April-like weather

You'll need umbrellas and rain jackets this weekend

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