Kansas City Crime Scene: Police Chase Policy & Credit Card Skimmer Charges

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Time to Change Our Pursuit Policies

Complicated guidelines that require officers to make decisions during the heat of the moment are not working.

After multiple innocent bystanders killed, Independence PD chief stands ground on pursuit policy

Independence police chief Adam Dustman believes his officers bear no responsibility when attempting to apprehend a suspect by means of a police pursuit.

Grayson O'Connor's mother misses eviction hearing

A judge continued an eviction hearing for Grayson O'Connor's mother to next week after the mother did not appear at a hearing Thursday.

Blue Springs man faces charges for "sophisticated" card skimming operation

A Blue Springs man now faces multiple charges after a credit card skimmer was found at a local gas station over the weekend.

Kansas City man sentenced to 16 years for sex trafficking four different victims

Dameon Devor Williams, 30, was sentenced to 16 years of federal prison without parole, along with 20 years of supervised release after his time in jail.

KCMO couple frustrated after celebratory gunfire damages their property

According to KCPD data, the amount of celebratory gunfire across the city is on the rise. A KC couple has now dealt with two instances since moving into their new house a year ago.

KC man on FBI's 'Most Wanted Fugitive' sentenced for illegal firearm

A Kansas City man who was on the FBI's Most Wanted Fugitive List was sentenced in federal court Wednesday for illegally possessing a firearm.

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