Kansas City Chiefs Honcho Disputes Doubt Of Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

Of course our blog community is more than willing ACKNOWLEDGE EVERY SIDE ANY DEBATE

However . . . 

We must also realize that skeptical online denizens are offering their work for free or at only pennies per click whilst this power player stands to profit MILLIONS with his endorsement of sensationalistic pop culture love as we slouch toward Valentine's Day.

Again, in fairness, here's his perspective . . .

“It’s been a very interesting, very fun year having the two of them dating,” Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt added to CNBC. “The attention that’s been focused on the Chiefs, our female audience has grown leaps and bounds. That’s right, it was purely organic.”

He continued, “You know, when they were just starting off dating, there were a lot of people saying, ‘Oh, it’s a marketing stunt,’ but no, it’s very real … and the most important thing is we’re happy for the two of them.”

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Chiefs Owner Denies Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Are a 'Marketing Stunt'

Clark Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs football team, denied Taylor Swift's 'organic' romance with NFL tight end Travis Kelce is a 'marketing stunt'