Kansas City Awards Anti-Crime Cash Prizes

Actually, maybe some version of universal basic income might help reduce violence on local streets.

A bunch of countries have tried it and Finland serves the model that backs a great many denizens of the discourse into an sketchy rhetorical corner that forces some "uncomfortable" arguments that can only be made by anonymous Internets commenters. 

Here's a cowtown version of this idea . . . 

Check the effort that offers cash for EVERYONE to become an anti-crime activist:

"This has been proven by the CDC, " said Kansas City Health Department Director Dr. Marvia Jones. "There's a lot of literature about the extent to which relationships are cultivated between neighbors, that can get you ahead of a lot of the violence that can occur in the absence of that [connection]."

That's why Jones says the city is working with CCF to send up to $8,500 to fund project budgets that will be put together by neighborhood representatives themselves. The money can be used to train those community members in issues like mental health first aid, connecting people to social services, or anything else their neighborhood needs.

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$8,500 grants available for KC neighborhoods to stop the violence

A new plan in Kansas City is trying to invest in specific neighborhoods or block to help stop the violence.