Kansas City Arts Suffer Long COVID

For Saturday, EXCEPTIONAL REPORTING worthy of consideration regarding continued harsh times for the creative class.

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Artists and art patrons had hoped everything would be back to “normal” by the time 2023 neared its end, but that was not the case. Nearly three years after the pandemic’s peak, COVID continues to exact a toll on many arts venues and art makers . . .

Locally, a town hall discussion on the “KC COVID Art Recession: Who thrived, who survived, and who still needs help?” was held last August at the Johnson County Central Resource Library.
Susana Bruhn, founder and executive director, GUILDit.Susana Bruhn, founder and executive director, GUILDit. (Courtesy | GUILDit)

“While large nonprofits have been able to recover due to endowments and an expansive donor network, many small nonprofits are still struggling, especially those of the performing arts,” GUILDit, a Kansas City nonprofit that promotes art entrepreneurialism, said in a news release preceding the town hall.

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Arts Business: 'Many Small Nonprofits are Still Struggling'

Many small nonprofit arts organizations in Kansas City are still dealing with the financial impact of the COVID pandemic.