Kansas City Anti-Crime Cash Funds Academics Crunching Numbers

At the very least . . . The money will likely keep these nerds out of trouble.

On the other hand . . . 

City College crime data . . . Again . . . Seems more like a jobs program and less like a reliable way to cut down on urban violence.

Here are more optimistic deets and the cover story:

 $1.3 million for Univerity of Missouri-Kansas City teams to assess and track the crime reduction programs.

Marijana Kotlaja, PhD, assistant professor, Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of Missouri-Kansas City, says the evaluation team is all about accountability.

The city says it’s to work on neighborhood enhancement, youth summer programs, violence prevention, hotline awareness, supporting people after they finish their prison sentences, re-engagement efforts, and mental health.

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UMKC researchers will track anti-violence programs, reveal whether they help crime reduction efforts

The Kansas City, Missouri, city council approved $30 million last year for violence reduction programs.