Johnson County Eviction Mediation Court Earns High Praise Even If It Can't Make Rent

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For the sake of metro edification and the public interest . . . Check the money line from this reporting that signals worsening hard times in a formerly prosperous community:

The eviction mediation courtroom is still a relatively new experiment for Johnson County. Its purpose is to find compromises between landlords and tenants in rental disputes, most of which involve non-payment.

The hoped-for byproduct of those compromises is fewer judgments that go on a tenant’s credit record and can send them toward homelessness, says Commissioner Becky Fast, who was instrumental in getting the court started.

The county commission originally approved a three-month run for the court as a pilot project. But it has proved so successful since it began in September that its time frame was extended to the end of 2024. There’s even talk of making it a model for other courts in Kansas, say some of the people involved with mediation.

Read more via link . . . Sorry, but the rest of it is hidden behind a paywall that is likely required by the stingy dad who funds this money losing operation.

How Johnson County's new eviction mediation court met success

Three months into a pilot project for eviction mediation in Johnson County, it has proven to be so successful that other courts in Kansas might model it.