Jackson Mahomes Jury Trial Preview: Alleged Waiter Shove Arguments Underway

Allow us a bit of follow-up . . .

Consider, these charges aren't as "serious" but still could damage the TikTok superstar inasmuch as it's never a good look to, allegedly, abuse the plebs and the local server class have longstanding complaints about the baby bro of KC's favorite baller.

Here are the basics . . .

However, he still faces a misdemeanor battery charge after a preliminary hearing in the case on Wednesday.

Mahomes' attorney filed a request for a jury trial on Thursday.

The misdemeanor battery charge remains because that charge involved the alleged shoving of the waiter.

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After 3 charges dropped, Jackson Mahomes' attorney requests trial by jury for remaining misdemeanor charge

The attorney for Jackson Mahomes formally requested a jury trial for a remaining misdemeanor charge he faces.