Insiders: Jackson County Forced To Raise Taxes If Royals & Chiefs Move?!?!

Sadly, a great many local voters don't know the difference between illusory "economic impact" and direct sales tax revenue. 

Politicos often always use confusing terms to win elections. 

And so . . . A not-so-fun fact that insiders point out ahead of today's vote offers more context for Jackson County's future should the Legislature slap the Royals & the Chiefs in the face today.

Consider . . .

Not so long ago, Jim Rowland, executive director of the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority, the entity that operates the Truman complex noted that investment into the sports complex “generates $27 to $31 million each year in direct taxes alone.”

That's a huge chunk of change and . . . If the teams leave amid rampant political dysfunction, insiders warn us that politicos would invariably look to replace that revenue . . . The easiest way to do that is by raising taxes or introducing another sales tax. 

For those who don't think that'll happen . . . Just take a quick peek at a recent property tax bill to prove that insiders raise a valid concern. 

Developing . . .