IHOPKC Suffers More 'Coverup' Allegations

TKC Readers direct us to a scathing quote from former members of the church recent controversy continues to evolve . . . Here's the word alleging a lack of transparency from leaders who have now resigned . . .

“This is manipulation, coercion, threats, intimidation—that is, a shepherd with a huge platform is willing . . . to lie and coerce. That is what we’re speaking to,” said former IHOPKC Executive Leadership Team (ELT) member Wes Martin in a video. “(I)t’s exposing a liar. It’s exposing someone who was willing to intimidate and threaten in order to . . . keep his position or to keep the secrets hidden.”

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Advocate Group: IHOPKC Founder Mike Bickle Covered Up Son's Affair, Threatened Whistleblower

IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle covered up his son's affair with the wife of ministry dept head according to videos released by fmr IHOPKC leaders