How To Ethically Waste Your Vote In Kansas: No Labels Party

For those blessed local souls who seek solace in participating in Democracy but are practical in the futility of the process for the plebs . . . We share the solution that does NOTHING but ease your conscience.


According to a press release from the Kansas Secretary of State's office, the party met the requirements to become a minor party in the state after submitting the number of signatures equal to about 2% of Kansas' 2022 gubernatorial election turnout, roughly 20,000.

With its recognition in Kansas, the No Labels party will now be on the ballots of at least 12 states, though the party's yet to endorse a candidate publicly.

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No Labels Kansas officially recognized as a political party

The last political party to achieve recognition in Kansas was Americans Elect in 2012.

Kansas recognizes No Labels as political party

Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab (R) announced on Wednesday that No Labels would be officially recognized as a political party in the state after meeting the eligibility requirements. No Labels needed to collect signatures that were equivalent to 2 percent of the number of votes made during the gubernatorial election in November 2022, which...