Homeowner Hit With Depression After Kansas City Triple Death

Grieving families and social media denizens have cast a great deal of unsubstantiated blame in the aftermath of tragedy and the latest update in this saga offers perspective regarding the emotional toll suffered by the subject of intense speculation.

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The source, speaking to Fox News, said: "Not only is the whole country accusing him of murdering his friends without factual details, evidence or any charges at this time, but he also lost three close friends.

"He didn’t get to say goodbye or go to their funerals due to the circumstances of these wild speculations and accusations. No one seems to be willing to wait for the results of the toxicology report or wait for any other facts from the police department from a case that is still under investigation to make these speculations."

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A source close to Jordan Willis, the Kansas City scientist who plunged into the national spotlight after three of his friends died in his backyard after a football game, said he will not be attending their funeral because of wild speculation on his involvement in their deaths, according to a report.

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