Here's How To Save For House In Kansas City

Hint . . . There are a great many things that a creative person can do with Ramen noodles until the tape worms eventually take hold.

Still, here's a bit of encouragement . . .

"According to the report, a family earning the median household income of $65,256 in Kansas City would have to save $13,051 a year for 3.5 years to afford the median home listing of $229,500. That's what would be required to save up for a 20% down payment."

Again . . .

The only problem is that kind of cash will get buyers a home in a neighborhood where doors must be looked at night.

Also . . . Good luck keeping a car safe.

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KC residents need to save for about 3.5 years to buy a house, report says - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City residents have one of the lowest barriers to entry when it comes to saving to buy for a home, according to a recent report.