Here's How 'Income-Discrimination-Ban' Destroys Kansas City Housing

Rather than follow the same path of so many chubby middle-aged dudes who have all of the dialogue from the mostly mediocre Batman movies memorized . . . A quote from The Bard seems apropos for Friday night in regards to progressive housing policy put forth by KC Tenants & Mayor Q: 

'His jest shall savour but a shallow wit, when thousands more weep than did laugh it.'

With that, here's a couple of far more practical quotes on why IT NO LONGER MAKES FINANCIAL SENSE FOR SMALL BIZ TO OWN RENTAL PROPERTY IN KANSAS CITY . . .

David Stokes, director of municipal policy at The Show-Me Institute free-market institute: “You’re just basically telling (Landlords) that they have to accept anybody who applies, no matter if they don’t have any money, if they have terrible credit, if they’ve been evicted all over the place. Anybody they refuse now is going to be able to sue and file a complaint. And perhaps that’s what some of the people sponsoring this bill want.

“It’s unnecessary. It’s not going to help anybody. But it is going to hurt people. And it is a total intrusion of local government into the business of being a landlord in a way that they have no right to do – and no need to do.”

The ordinance will do no less than kill the rental market in Kansas City, likewise warned Stacey Johnson-Cosby, landlord and president of the Kansas City Regional Housing Alliance.

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