Hartzell Turns Testy Amid Talk Of Taxpayer Subsidy He Also Enjoys

A rising star Kansas City media personality is one of the most outspoken online denizens on a variety of cowtown hot topics.

Hartzell Gray has recently engaged his thousands of fans & followers on the following issues:

The local entertainer fights against climate change

Hartzell also speaks to law enforcement issues and blames "privilege" for youth violence on the Plaza.

On matters of international import . . . Hartzell accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" amid the ongoing Holy Land war.

Again . . . For those who don't know . . . 

Hartzell is the "in-stadium host" for Sporting KC.  

More importantly . . .  

Let's not forget that Children's Mercy Park is home to Sporting and is a $200-MILLION stadium that was built with TIF financing approved by the Unified Government in The Dotte. 

Recently . . . 

A politico alluded to this inconvenient fact amid Hartzell's recent advocacy against a public vote on the Jackson County sales tax extension. 

Remember that many Kansas City insiders have asked this question outright:

Why is Hartzell advocating against Kansas City stadium subsidy when, in fact, he works for a pro-team in a stadium built using the very same type of public financing?!?

Recently, regarding this topic . . . An elected official noted as much and claimed the talker "banked" on this very same kind of taxpayer subsidy that Jackson County hopes to extend . . . Hartzell seemed a bit peeved . . . Here's his money line:

"My career banks on me being the g*ddamn best at what I do, which is what I am. I suggest you make an HONEST attempt to be better at your own job."

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