God Is Dead: Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Kiss For New Year's

First . . . Just a fun analysis regarding our 5th favorite German philosopher: 

“God is dead” becomes a metaphor for the loss of absolute, universal moral truths and the collapse of traditional religious authority. Nietzsche was not celebrating the death of God; rather, he was warning of the potential consequences of a society without a firm moral foundation.

Almost forgot . . . Before the day is over . . .


We hope you've heard as much from several people throughout the day . . . Even if they're frustrated service industry workers.

Now . . . 

We take a quick peek at our betters attempting to convince the world that they're publicity stunt is real and not just the result of MILLIONS in corporate branding . . . Check-it:

"Video of the smooch was shared by an onlooker on social media. For the kiss, Swift affectionately put her hands on Kelce's face."

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Brittany and Patrick Mahomes Ring In the New Year Together After Kansas City Chiefs Victory

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes celebrated New Year's Eve together after the Kansas City Chiefs secured their AFC West division title with a win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ring in 2024 with a kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve

The "Blank Space" songstress was seen wrapping her arms around the Kansas City Chiefs tight end while he held her close on New Year's Eve.

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