Freebie Legal Help Amid Rising KC Evictions

Here's a low-end resource that seems nice but, ultimately, only serve to make KCMO an even less attractive place for low-income housing that isn't provided by the government . . . Check-it:

The struggle against evictions has taken center stage in recent times, amplifying the need for support systems that can empower individuals to navigate these challenging waters.

"We focus on the rights of low-wage workers because we know if you're a low-wage worker, you're more likely to go to work every day but not be able to pay your bills," said Gina Chiala director and lead attorney for Heartland Center of Jobs and Freedom.

The organization, Heartland Center for job and Freedom has made it their mission to provide representation to residents facing eviction, while also teaching tenants their rights.

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Kansas City organization offering free legal representation to those facing evictions

A local organization is stepping up to the plate to combat the rising tide of evictions, ensuring that residents facing the daunting prospect of losing their homes have a fighting chance.