Farm System FAIL: Kansas City Royals Will Suck 2024

It seems that the home team has spent all of their time playing games with developers, politicos and local media whilst neglecting their talent pool.

Here's and insider quote that reveals and EXCEPTIONALLY UNPRODUCTIVE OFF-SEASON after losing more than 100 games last year . . . Check-it:

"Unfortunately, it is 2024 and not 2015. The Royals are the opposite of champions, which hasn’t stopped them from telling Jackson County residents to give them a bunch of money without any details. They have been exceedingly bad at baseball at the big league level. It’s been a mess.

"But worst of all—yes, worst of all—the Royals farm system is incredibly bereft of talent.

"Recently, Baseball America released their top 100 prospect list for 2024. This is not some publication that throws around half-cocked thoughts into the Great Internet Content Machine. BA has been around since 1981 and is arguably the most respected baseball publication in the country. It’s been strictly subscription-based for its whole existence, and so a lot of fans don’t see its best and most notable pieces of content in their entirety.

"So, let me, a BA subscriber, tell you how many prospects the Royals have on the top 100 list. That number is 0, zero, zilch, nada, goose egg. None."

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