Exec Frank White Chasing Away KC Royals: Why Can't Voters Decide?!?

First, we'll share wisdom about this process from trusted insiders who are skeptical of claims from Team Frank: 

"It's a shame (Exec) Frank White doesn't understand his own legislative rules that allow for the amending of the lease agreement until the enabling legislation has passed."

Also, here's important insight that locals are now asking on social media . . .

"If there's no vote to override, the Executive and his supporters are denying the people their right to vote on an issue that's EXCEPTIONALLY important to voters and small business. Basically denying people the right to vote." 

Here's the most objective summary of the situation so far that we liberated from behind a paywall along with more relevant and fearsome links on the topic . . .

"The measure would require a supermajority — six votes — of the Jackson County Legislature to override the veto. The Legislature voted 8-1 to pass the measure in December, which would imply that it could be overridden. However, three of the 10 legislators — Chair Jeanie Lauer, Vice Chair Megan Marshall and 1st District Legislator Jalen Anderson — issued a joint statement Thursday saying they intend to support the veto. Separately, 6th District Legislator Sean Smith also issued a statement saying "at this time" he is willing to uphold the veto."

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