Even Allies Admit: Kansas Guv Kelly Medicaid Expansion Doomed

The year's red state election year surge will likely inspire Kansas voters to keep ignoring the desperate need for more healthcare . . . Never mind that politicos spent a great deal of time arguing about toilet rules last year . . . Take a peek at a desperate effort to move the dial:

Kansas is now one of only 10 states that has not expanded Medicaid.

Along with providing health care to thousands of Kansans, expanding Medicaid would come with about $700 million of federal funding. That could be important for rural hospitals that are struggling to stay open.

In her latest pitch, Kelly proposed adding work requirements to the program, which Republicans have wanted to add to other state welfare programs.

The attempt to meet Republicans in the middle is not likely to work. Republican leaders have already said it is a non-starter, despite nearly 70% of Kansans saying they support expansion.

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Medicaid expansion will probably fail again in Kansas, so why is the governor still trying?

Gov. Laura Kelly's likely doomed push for Medicaid expansion is aimed at setting the table before this fall's election. But Republican leaders want to focus on other ideas, like cutting taxes.