EPIC Winter Energy Bills Strike Kansas City

Rather than share even a modicum of blame regarding inflation or American energy policy under the current administration . . . Check progressive media taking our public/private deals that most of us are ALSO POWERLESS to fight. 

Except this way . . . Just like modern day playgrounds . . . We can all gang up on anybody with parents who are still married. 


"By the end of the month, Kansas City residents can expect energy bills, many topping $200, extending their wintertime misery.

"Those energy bills — ranking among the most expensive in the country — come approved by regulators in both states.

"If your bill feels outrageous, your gripe sits with the public utility board in Kansas or Missouri that tells companies like Evergy how much they can charge and when they can cut off your service.

"Unlike most grocery chains or cellphone companies, Evergy faces no competition. Just regulators."

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Got an outrageous utility bill? These eight officials have the power to keep Kansas City's rates down

Evergy has a monopoly on Kansas City's energy, leaving customers no choice but to pay their prices. Public utility commissions keep Evergy from abusing this power.

Kansas City residents are seeing enormous energy and gas bills. Here's how utility rates get set

After an especially cold month, Kansas City residents can expect energy and gas bills sometimes topping $200. Utilities like Evergy, Spire and Ameren need approval on their rates from regulators in Missouri and Kansas.

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