Crown Center Silent After Mass Shooting

Last week, THANKS TO THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC TIPSTERS, we talked about safety concerns following a mass shooting at Crown Center. 

Now . . . 

More locals are stepping up to share questions about what the mall is doing to keep biz & customers safe. 


"Nearly a week after the shooting, restaurant and retail managers have not been provided an update from management, even after several attempts from businesses to reach them. A manager of SPIN! Pizza, a restaurant on the first floor of Crown Center, said after seeing a brief message from the facility four hours after the incident, further attempts to speak with tenant relations have gone unanswered."

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Crown Center's silence after shooting 'appalling' to tenants, who call for communication

Crown Center businesses are criticizing mall management for not speaking out after last week's gun violence in the mall's food court, even as a mall patron praises the actions of a pizza shop employee.