Court Dox: $600 Marijuana Deal Gone Wrong Preceded Lenexa McDonald's Homicide

In this otherwise safe suburban city . . . 

Low-rent weed transactions and quick tempers with youngsters carrying guns precipitated this tragedy.

Here are the basics reported just moments ago . . .

The Father allegedly told investigators that his son arrived home and told him "Dad I didn't mean to kill that guy," that he did not want the other man to kill him and that he needed to call police.

Investigators also spoke with a witness who said she had purchased marijuana from SUSPECT and that she shared his contact information with each other after VICTIM vocalized wanting to purchase marijuana.

Text messages revealed that VICTIM planned to meet SUSPECT to purchase a quarter of a pound of marijuana for $600 inside his van outside the McDonald's location, according to the affidavit.

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Court documents: $600 drug deal turns to shooting outside Lenexa McDonald's restaurant

Court documents released Tuesday reveal details surrounding a suspected drug deal that turned to a fatal shooting at a Lenexa McDonald's restaurant earlier this month.