Couple Shacked Up With Dead JoCo Parents For Half Dozen Years

Harsh times persist in the Golden Ghetto if old school residents are willing to move into a suburbanite crypt in order to survive.

Here's the sordid tale that says more about rising poverty than our Kansas neighbors would like to admit:

Over the course of six years, prosecutors say there were monthly deposits made to his bank account from his pension and the Social Security Administration amounting to $216,067.

Reviews of his bank records showed checks were written from his bank account and cashed by Lynn and Kirk Ritter during that time, according to court documents. Other bank transfers from his account were also referenced by authorities.

Prosecutors allege the pair concealed Carroll’s death to maintain access to his bank account and for “their own personal benefit.”

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Johnson County couple lived with dead parent for 6 years, stole benefits: Prosecutors

In October 2022, the 81-year-old's "mummified" body was discovered inside his residence when his son-in-law called police.