Clay Chastain Demands Mayor Q Resign (Again)

Apropos for #TBT we check in with our friend Clay and his latest musing following last year's low turnout election loss by about 80 points. 


Chastain press release: KC's withering bloom will never return under Lucas. And if Lucas won't work with Chastain, he needs to resign, get out of the way and let Chastain lead our City toward revival (lower crime, better transportation, central City growth, etc.) with his vision that includes a new *Greenway Transportation Network* whereby people can move about the City (without their car) to save money, improve the environment & benefit personal health.

Instead of blowing Community capital on... a new stadium, a fake park over a freeway and tax-abated (and failed) entertainment-oriented glitz, KC could invest in an infrastructure modernization project that would not only provide multiple benefits to everybody & connect our City's grand neighborhoods together, but would also launch the City's revival.

If KC wants to break free from the miserable pack (other crime-ridden, brutal & traffic-jammed cities that are experiencing an exodus) it must invest in something unique & attractive...a Citywide "Greenway Transportation Network" (see attached route map). It is designed to improve everyone's quality of life. Greenways are wide, beautiful urban swaths that provide residents transportation options (walking, biking, scootering, transit, etc.) to move about the community without having to use their car. Connecting these park-style corridors to public transportation stations further enables Greenway users access to modern e-transit (monorail, electric buses, light rail, etc.) to move about the entire City without use of their increasingly expensive, traffic-clogging automobiles that require vast expanses of asphalt to park them.

The Centerpiece of KC's Greenway Network would be the reconfiguration of the 10-mile Bruce Watkins Freeway into a new *Bruce Watkins Greenway*. This poisonous, urban ribbon of asphalt, pollution and noise has eviscerated & divided KC's black neighborhoods. It has evolved from a "Drive" to an ugly crush of 80,000 cars (daily) barreling through poor areas of the City in order to afford commuters a shortcut to Downtown.  We have sacrificed the livability of the poor for the convenience of the better off. Transforming this ignoble, primitive form of urban dismay into a beautiful, advanced Greenway (includes lanes for local traffic only) is key to turning around the fortunes of the battered eastside and even the City itself

If life imitates art, then life on the eastside imitates the brutal freeway knifing thru it. The start of KC's revival, will be axing the very thing that is symbolic of its demise and replacing it with something redeeming to launch its revival.

KC Activist, Clay Chastain


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