Breaking: More Trouble For Tarence Maddox

A political leader from The Dotte has endured a great deal of notoriety over the course of his career. Not all of it has been positive.

A quick review . . .

10 years ago Mr. Maddox burst onto the scene and, sadly, earned TV news infamy for an outburst at Legoland that was caught on camera.

From that story: "He was the first UG official to receive public censure for a long list of ethics complaints." 

Let's not forget that he was the victim of police pepper spray during 2020 protest -- A case that was later, reportedly, settled for $110K. 

Shortly thereafter in 2022. Mr. Maddox was arrested and accused of striking an officer at a Topeka hospital. 

The newspaper report on that incident:

"A Wyandotte County commission candidate who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for an incident last year in Topeka is expected to be sentenced to supervised probation."

From the November 2023 election for those who haven't been keeping track: 

"Evelyn Hill, a consultant, defeated former UG Commissioner Tarence Maddox in the race for the District 4 seat in eastern KCK, which was held by Harold Johnson, who did not seek reelection."

And now . . . 

A screen cap was recently sent our way revealing more legal drama confronting/threatening the former WyCo Commish. 

We're not going to share the screenshot in order to protect the names of the victim and in fairness to Mr. Maddox. 

We will follow-up on ensuing reports and notes we've sent to our friends at local TV stations.

This post merely serves to document continued hardship and controversy surrounding an elected official who has endured a series of ups & downs in the public spotlight. 

Developing . . .