BikeWalk KC Demands More Cash Or We're All Gonna Die In Traffic

Last year the good folks at Bike/Walk were so out of touch with locals & small biz that city hall was forced to remove bike lanes on Truman Road

But now . . . 

Check the concern jumping back on their bicycle and peddling more fear and hope for public subsidy:

 In 2023, 102 people died in traffic crashes, according to the Kansas City Police Department.

That’s an increase from 2022, when 89 people died in crashes, and the opposite direction that Kansas City hoped it would see.

For the last three years, the city’s Vision Zero program has worked to change roadways with the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities entirely by the end of the decade.

But Kansas City still has one of the country’s highest rates of fatal car crashes, and local advocates and leaders say the city’s fortune won’t change without more funding.

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Kansas City traffic deaths keep going up, while its effort to make roads safer is underfunded

Kansas City set a goal of ending all traffic fatalities by 2030, but last year proved to be one of its deadliest yet. While the Vision Zero program has been slowly fixing streets for pedestrians as well as cars, city leaders say it needs more funding to make that happen.