Anybody But Gail McCann Beatty?!?

We've noted that turning the assessor into an elected position has long been a priority for local legislators. 

Now there's even more urgency given the recent Jackson County property tax assessment hot mess.

Here's a peek at just a bit more urgency . . . 

The fresh effort comes 13 years after Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the state constitution allowing Jackson County to remain the only charter county in the state with an appointed assessor. The 2010 exemption specifically targeted Jackson County and was worded to apply only to charter counties with populations of more than 600,000 people but less than 700,000 people.

Supporters of electing the assessor say the position should be directly accountable to voters. Some even question whether the county, which now has more than 716,000 residents, is still legally allowed to have an appointed assessor. Most officials and legal experts who spoke with The Star said that idea would likely not hold up in court.

But questions surrounding the state constitution’s population limits, outcry from residents and a series of lawsuits fighting increased assessments have ramped up the pressure on both Missouri lawmakers and county legislators to act, as Jackson County remains out of step with every other county in the state.

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Should Jackson County elect its assessor? Amid outrage, Missouri lawmakers want a change

"I think the time has come for the citizens of Jackson County to be able to have their say on their assessor just like every other county in Missouri," said House Majority Leader Jonathan Patterson, a Lee's Summit Republican.