Alleged Creeper Flight Attendant Busted Going To Kansas City

The local skies aren't so friendly . . . In fact they seem more dangerous than ever.

Check this round-up featuring nasty allegations, crude suspected toilet seat trickery and a local connection:

"Federal charging documents say on American Airlines flight 1615 from Charlotte to Kansas City on July 26, 2023, SUSPECT videotaped a minor 14-year-old girl as she used the aircraft lavatory. A male voice is heard on the video before she entered the lavatory saying, “Be careful because that seat toilet seat is really messed up, so be careful.” The FBI agent who wrote the charging document believed the voice to be Thompson’s."

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FBI arrests flight attendant who recorded video of young girl in lavatory on flight to Kansas City

Kansas City, feds say Estes Carter Thompson III, 36, of Charlotte, N.C. is charged in federal court for child sex crimes