Activists Claim This Northeast Kansas City Street Serves As Human Trafficking Hub

Actually, this is an irresponsible accusation given that so many other parts of the metro like Eastern Jack and the Dotte also serve as hot spots for this very same kind of illicit activity.

The reality . . . 

Northeast KC is the most diverse section of Kansas City and this kind of smear simply displays the bias of this group that doesn't implicate their own parts of town which are ALSO a big part of the problem when we talk about patronage of illicit activity that harms youngsters. 

Reality check, there have been notable human trafficking busts in places with higher income ranges like Overland Park and so this crisis is becoming endemic and not just something that happens in "bad" neighborhoods . . .

"Activists with Relentless Pursuit Outreach and Recovery have labeled Independence Ave. a hot spot for human trafficking across the Kansas City Metro. But now they’re working to free every victim by expanding the resources of their outreach recovery center."

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Activists grab attention of Missouri Attorney General's Office in effort to end human trafficking in KC

More efforts are being made to fight human trafficking around Kansas City.