Activist Gwen Grant Pens Love Letter To Kansas City Star

Caveat . . . This is merely the perspective of a lowly basement blogger who dares not dream of breaching the elite world of cowtown journalism . . . However . . . 


Again . . . Take this advice for what it's worth . . . But, in our experience, activism and reliable journalism are typically two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS

Few people can do both . . . One typically has to suffer . . . And often that's fine as long as readers aren't mistaken about what they're consuming . . . Which is mostly just social media garbage in between pay-for-play hotties and cat videos. 

Still . . .

As the newspaper loses readers, advertisers and influence . . . We notice more high praise from the chattering class proving an age-old axiom that we'll paraphrase: 

In Kansas City, you can die from encouragement. 


"While we await the tangible impact of these changes, it is encouraging to see the beginnings of a more equitable and inclusive media landscape that can better reflect the realities and perspectives of Black Kansas Citians."

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