Activist Clay Chastain Compares Himself To Former Prez Trump In Latest Update

Clay's legal battle against city hall & Mayor Q endures . . . Here's the latest note he has shared with local media regarding his perspective on the effort and the stat of KCMO . . . Check-it:

Chastain press release: Lady Justice weeps as Lucas & the City stay winning & Chastain & Free Speech stay losing in US Federal Court (Chief Justice Phillips rules in favor of the City's Motion to Dismiss Chastain's Civil Rights case). Undaunted, Chastain (pro se) files Notice of Appeal in the 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals (Case. No. 24-1080).

Unexplainably, 4-Federal Judges of the United States Western District Court of KCMO just happened to recuse themselves in this case before it eventually landed in the lap of a 5th Judge...Chief Judge Phillips (appointed by Obama). She proceeded to agree with Lucas & the City that Chastain's lawsuit against the City & Lucas (for violating Chastain's Constitutional right to free speech) failed to State a Claim for relief. Let's see, the City blocked Chastain from asking Mayor Lucas why he refused to debate, proceeded to arrest Chastain for trespassing and then tried to criminalize Chastain by prosecuting him in City Court (a brave City judge acquitted Chastain). And yet Chastain (his pro se arguments are to be "liberally construed" & "interpreted to raise the strongest arguments they suggest") failed to state a claim for relief according to Judge Phillips.

In this far-left town, reported on by a far-left media and presided over by (mostly) far-left judges, citizens are treated Differently by the Government. Thus, Chastain has become to Kansas City what Trump has become to America...Both have good policies. Both have been maligned by the radical left media & those in power. Both are for the people and making KC & America great again. And both have been abused by biased Judges in the US legal system.

In KC, the gov't has ignored petitions, distorted petitions and overturned petition elections for decades. Yet the courts, other than brave Judge Holliger, have never punished the City for its anti-democracy & anti-free speech misbehavior. Now a Gov't & its Mayor unfairly stops a citizen, unfairly arrests that citizen and then proceeds to unfairly prosecute that citizen (for merely trying to exercise his free political speech on City Council day) and a Federal Judge rules no legitimate claim was raised.

Now if Citizen Lucas had been so abused by Mayor Chastain the media would have been howling and the courts coming to the rescue.
If members of KC Tenants had come to City Hall & been stopped, arrested and prosecuted for trespassing by Mayor Chastain, there would have been media hysteria and the courts coming to the rescue.

But when it is a Republican Pariah, or his petitions being abused, the liberal media smiles & the courts fan on Democracy. In this false town, citizens are treated according to who they are - not according to what is right. Only the free speech of the favored is protected.

But this Landmark Constitutional Case may wind up in the US Supreme Court where (rest assured) these high caliber Judges will balance the scales of justice...Blindfolded.

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain 


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