14 Alpacas Perish In Kansas Barn Fire

Quick story to provide more context as to the perspective of this dumbass blog . . .

TKC had this platonic lady friend colleague who was a lot of fun to hang out with and talk shop. She was nice and things were appropriately flirty and thankfully weren't ruined by my penchant for saying nasty and/or stupid things where there's a lull in the conversation. 

For instance . . . 

Did you know the vaginal prolapse is a fairly common condition and sometimes a uterus can fall right out of a woman . . . It's a fun fact that probably isn't worth mentioning at lunch. 

Anyhoo . . . 

The shop talk was fun BUT, of course, she had other suitors that were far more serious than a basement blogger. 

One guy even took her to an alpaca farm on a date.


That's the kind of quirky thing that modern day dudes must endure in order to achieve the American dream of 2.5 kids and soul crushing mortgage & credit card debt. 

Anyhoo . . . 

The sessions of smack talking in a way that was far more fun than any other conversations she ever had in her small town life (her words not mine) ended without much fan fare and she eventually locked down alpaca dude and is halfway toward achieving her breeding goal having only amassed 35 pounds and suffered the typical female bone loss that comes from having children in the process. 

Everybody is happy. 

I only mention this to note to remind myself that my prettier, meaner and far more "experienced" current lady friend will likely give an obligatory "awww" about the fate of these lesser beasts of the Americas and then make cruel jokes about the delicious smell of burning alpaca when I talk to her about this news item later in the day. 

Check the deets . . .

Fire crews from Miami County and the surrounding areas responded quickly Thursday, Jan. 11, to the area near 315th Street and Bethel Church Road.

Britt Johnson-Schenk and her husband were awakened by the barking of their dogs around 2 a.m., alerting them to the fire.

But by the time they figured out what was happening, she said the barn was a total loss.

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14 alpacas, goat die in barn fire at Paola farm, animal rescue

Fourteen alpacas and one goat tragically perished in a barn fire last week at a farm and animal rescue in Paola.