Winter 2023: Light Snow Attacks Kansas City

Winter finally arrives for our cowtown.

So far . . .

The snow, very much like so many of local bedroom fantasies, is smaller than expected.

And so we share a quick rundown of weather warnings and constant traffic trouble:

Winter weather advisory issued Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning for KC area

A winter weather advisory has been issued for the Kansas City area from 3 p.m. Tuesday until 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Joe's Blog: Snow and the start of real winter (TUE-12/26)

Tuesday will be cloudy with flurries and patches of mostly light snow, although there may be times where the snow comes down at a pretty good clip.

Weather Impact: Snow bringing spots of low visibility and slick roads to the metro

Tuesday will have high temperatures around 37 degrees; light snow starts in the morning and chances for heavier snowfall start at noon and continue throughout the day and night.

Developing . . .