Union Activist Terrence Wise Declares Victory Against New Royals Stadium

The t-shirt brigade staged another protest today . . . They're mostly out of the loop on this one but the public displays help put them in the line for payouts. 

Here's a peek at the effective Friday publicity stunt:

In the meeting legislators held no discussion or a pause, just a vote to table and hold the sales tax extension for voters.

Stand Up KC workers call it a victory for their movement.

“I got the impression that if we weren’t here in full force, this thing would be pushed through on a whim, so I think our presence very much impacted their thoughts,” Terrence Wise with Stand Up KC said.

“They are not just going to take my hard-earned money and not give us anything in return,” said Bill Thompson, another worker with Stand Up KC.

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'This is a victory': Jackson County holds decision on whether sales tax extension will appear on ballot

Today, Jackson County legislators decided to hold their vote in asking taxpayers to extend an existing sales tax.

Jackson County Legislature delays vote on stadium tax question again

For the second meeting in a row, Jackson County leaders held off on voting to put a Chiefs and Royals stadium sales tax question on the ballot.

Jackson County Legislature's stadium sales tax extension decision delayed again

That 3/8ths tax is needed to help fund a potential new stadium for the Kansas City Royals and renovate Arrowhead Stadium.