Tyreek Hill On His Work With Patrick Mahomes: 'Never Been Anybody's Side Chick'

To be fair there's a lot of joking in this conversation.

Also . . .

It's kinda cool that Mr. Hill is coming out of his shell after leaving Kansas City. This town takes ballers too seriously and doesn't allow much deviation from the narrative . . . In Miami, Tyreek seems empowered to talk trash and have a good time whilst her in KC he was mostly portrayed as a bad guy following domestic drama that garnered news coverage.

Big picture . . . All of the "fun" in KC seems manufactured and scripted . . . It's nice to see this baller break the mold and participate in social media silliness. 

And so . . .

Here's a comment that should be taken with a grain of salt . . .

“I’ve never been anybody’s side chick before. Always, my whole life,” Hill said. “High school, middle school — all the quarterbacks’ main chick. I go to KC, now I’m the side chick. I’m like, ‘What’s going on with that?’ I want to go to Capital Grille. I want to go to Eddie V’s. You taking me to Joe’s BBQ. I don’t want no BBQ. I want to go to the fancy restaurants.”

“Pat had (Travis) Kelce and I was kinda jealous. I was hurt. Patrick, you ain’t never invited me over to your house like you did Kelce, that’s why we here where we at now,” Hill joked.

As Hill gave this answer, he burst out laughing, and clarified immediately that he was “bulls–tting.”

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Tyreek Hill laughs about being 'side chick' to Patrick Mahomes-Travis Kelce bromance

Tyreek Hill is laughing about how he couldn't quite become the apple of Patrick Mahomes' eye.