Truck Drivers Doubt Kansas City 'Undefeated' Bridge Solution

An important passage from a recent report offers real world perspective on a fix devised by local politicos to an embarrassing traffic problem that persists over decades . . . Check-it:

The curtains will hang on both sides and they will alert a driver in advance if they won't clear the bridge. Crews started working this week.

Drivers already have several warnings, including flashing lights and clearance signs.

The Kansas City Terminal Railway, which owns the bridge, worked with the Missouri Department of Transportation years ago to reroute U.S. 24 traffic away from Independence Avenue.

"To be honest, I've seen warning curtains used in other cities, and I've seen people hit them too," said Christopher Drew, a truck driver in the Kansas City-area.

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'The truck eating bridge': Crews start warning curtain project for Independence Avenue bridge

Truck drivers and Kansas City-area residents are unsure if warning signs will end crash-prone bridge problems caused by the notorious Independence Avenue bridge in KCMO.