Tabloids Examine Taylor Swift's New Ring & Theorize Travis Kelce Engagement

This is "news" garbage and it'll be more popular than anything TKC writes today.

Accordingly . . . Here's the quote which reminds us that if the lizard people are merely controlling the world in order to spark a nuclear holocaust in order to take over the planet . . . Maybe it's not such a great loss . . . In the meantime, here's a lovingly crafted description of Taylor's new ring and the connection to Travis Kelce:

The stunning ring is turning heads as it looks to be as large as 20 carats, according to Rare Carat gemologist Karly Bulinski.

Although she did not work on the design herself, Bulinski estimates that the price of the custom piece is in the range of $10,000, but Mike Fried of The Diamond Pro claims it is worth much more.

“The center stone on Taylor’s ring is massive and looks to be 15 carats. A high-quality opal of that size is incredibly rare, but not nearly as expensive as a diamond would be. I’d estimate it at around $175,000, if not more,” he told Page Six.

The ring features opal, which is Travis Kelce’s birthstone, and blue topaz, which is Taylor Swift’s birthstone, indicating the ring holds a “very sentimental” meaning to the couple.

“Opal is said to represent hope and purity,” Bulinski told Page Six when speaking on the stones of Swift's new ring, while blue topaz is “said to help channel your inner wisdom.”

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