Show-Me Weed Forgiveness FAIL

A quick peek at legal compliance and the wheels of justice turning exceptionally slow . . . Take a peek:

Experts say many counties aren't even close to finishing, but the failure to meet the deadline shouldn't come as a surprise.

Dan Viets, a lawyer and marijuana advocate with Missouri NORML, said proponents for the change always knew it would be a challenging, if not impossible deadline to meet.

"Almost a century of marijuana prohibition in the state of Missouri, so there are many many, hundreds of thousands, maybe even over a million marijuana cases that need to be expunged," he said. "But we are very happy that the courts across the state of Missouri have expunged, as we predicted, almost 100-thousand marijuana cases."

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Missouri marijuana case expungement deadline looms, some counties not ready

There are only a few days lefts before Missouri counties reach the deadline to finish felony marijuana case expungements.