Show-Me SecState Ashcroft Shutting Down 'Election Interference' Allegation

Amid allegations of antisemitism . . . A Democratic Party State Rep. offered sketchy allegations of vote tampering. 

Accordingly, here's today's response that should be celebrated and greeted with relief on both sides of the aisle . . .   

Ashcroft Refutes Election Interference Claim

Jefferson City, Mo. — Regarding recent claims of election interference, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft responded by saying, “At this point in our review we have not been provided any evidence that even remotely relates to Missouri election interference.”

Secretary Ashcroft’s office was made aware of election interference claims last week by State Representative Sarah Unsicker who provided a third-party narrative statement pertaining to a political opponent.

Last Friday afternoon, the secretary of state’s elections division sent Representative Unsicker an election complaint form asking for additional information stating, “The information provided thus far does not indicate any violation of Missouri Election Law. Therefore; without additional information and specific allegations regarding the election violation we can take no further action.”

In an email Unsicker said, “While this complaint involves a political opponent, I do not believe I can say anything further with regards to this complaint.”

“We take the security and safety of Missouri elections very seriously,” Ashcroft said. “We will investigate any and all claims regarding the integrity of our voting process.”

Missouri is ranked in the top three states in the nation for election integrity by the Heritage Foundation.


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