Show-Me Black History Comeback

We hope the lead image doesn't offend . . . However, even most of our conservative readers won't deny that Black history is American history and important for students to understand.

Accordingly, here's followup on a Missouri debate that's moving forward . . .

The Francis Howell School District board first must approve a new curriculum "that is rigorous and largely politically neutral," the board president and superintendent said in a statement Thursday to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"After thorough discussions, we believe there is an appropriate path forward to offer Black History and Black Literature with an updated curriculum standard in the 2024-2025 school year," board President Adam Bertrand and Superintendent Kenneth Roumpos said.

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Missouri school board to reinstate Black history classes with new curriculum

Students at a suburban St. Louis school district can continue to take elective Black history courses, school leaders announced Thursday in a reversal of a vote last week by the conservative-led school board to end the classes.

Missouri school board reverses decision to end Black history courses after backlash

The Francis Howell School District in St. Louis has reversed its decision to end elective Black history courses following protests against the board's initial vote last week.

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