Should Kansas City Trust Excuses From Patrick Mahomes?!?

Probably not. 

In fact . . .

It's very likely that the league has "figured him out" and there's not much about his play that will surprise most defensive coordinators. 

Still . . . It's Christmas and so we'll give KC's favorite local the benefit of the doubt . . . Take a peek at this promising description of otherwise paltry play . . . 

Mahomes said the thing that he and his offensive teammates have been saying for 15 games and counting.

“If we clean it up, we’ll be able to score points,” said Mahomes. “It’s just, we’ve got to clean it up. We [have] two games left. You have to do it. If we don’t, we’ll be going home. I think if we clean it up, we can beat anybody. I truly believe that. But we’ve got to prove that we can do it.”

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Patrick Mahomes: 'If we clean it up, we can beat anybody'

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid reflect on what was an extremely disappointing performance against the Las Vegas Raiders in the NFL's Week 16 at Arrowhead Stadium.