Hottie Paige is our only frame of reference for the country club good life . . . Also, we only wanted to share this note because of an old school politico taking a bold stand against the rest of his broke-ass South Side neighbors . . . Check-it:

“Loch Lloyd has always been branded a gated golf community with single family homes. Let’s keep the brand of Loch Lloyd strong. Keep it single family!” pleaded former Missouri legislator Jason Holsman who moved into the gated community last year.

One requirement added to the Master Plan included no less than a 150-foot buffer between a home and a zoned Recreational Open Space such as a golf course or lake. Though homeowners at Wednesday’s meeting seemed to be astonished by the choice of 150 feet–the size of half a football field–that length received the largest approval rate by those surveyed.

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Loch Lloyd reviews its future

"If we wanted to live in Johnson County where homes are on top of roofs, we wouldn't have moved here."