Peregrine Honig Explains 'Player' Paintings

Kansas City has an idea of artist Peregrine Honig that needs to be updated.

For some she's an entrepreneur and the leader of a local artistic movement. 

For others she's an urban pioneer who has paved the way for countless artists to gain social standing and notoriety for their work in the Crossroads. 

Caveat . . . The KC "Crossroads" as we think of it today wouldn't exist without Honig's bold vision to imagine a local district wherein creatives and all manner of local weirdos could find a "safe space" to express themselves. Unbeknownst to most Gen Z "trendsetters" is the fun fact that they're merely exploring territory that Honig crafted in her image about 20 years ago. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum . . .

So many of our conservative friends have underestimated Honig's influence in the international art market. Those who have a general understanding of this world know that Peregrine Honig is a name that has garnered global recognition for artistic work that often defies categorization and is both political and personal. 

Few artists have achieved Honig's level of success and her latest exhibit reveals that she continues to produce pieces that captivate & challenge collectors and critics. 

Accordingly . . .

Here's her overview of her latest exhibit "Player" — A collection that has garnered rave reviews and stands as the latest indication that Honig continues to produce important contemporary American artwork. 


"One of the main concepts of these paintings is this idea of waiting. As women we wait. We wait for our period, we wait for our breasts, we wait for our children to be born, we wait for the sonogram and we wait for all of these social things. We wait to get married, we wait to be told who we are by other people. So there's this idea of women in waiting. Or this idea of the waiting room and what it is to be a woman in waiting."

Take a look via link . . .

Peregrine Honig's Player