Party Time In Kansas City For Taylor Swift Nears Its Inevitable Conclusion

Tragic fact of life . . .

The world's greatest pop diva PROBABLY doesn't care about AFC championships and really only has time for Super Bowl winners.

However . . .

The cover story insists that she's in town for December . . . And here's how she MIGHT be spending some of time . . . And/Or NPR just wanted to share some of their file dox on this cowtown . . .

And we know what you must be thinking: Of course she's living in Kansas City now. That place is the coolest city on Earth, she's going to love it there.

But I know there's many people out there, not just Swifties, who hadn't thought much about KC before Traylor entered the picture — or think that Kansas City is a city in Kansas (you're only half right!).

(Unlike Taylor Swift's previous residences in NYC and London, Kansas City has no subway system, and our lack of expansive public transit remains a problem as more big events come to town. So she'll have to keep relying on Kelce's getaway car to get around.)

Oh, and we can't forget to mention that Kansas City is also the "City of Fountains," with more than 200 dotting the metro — a larger number than anywhere else in the world other than Rome.

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