Old School Kansas City Drag Performers Championed Political Revolution?!?!

Maybe . . .

That's a lot to put on somebody trying to scrape out a living at a seedy bar. But it's easier to make heroes out of people who aren't around.

Here's the premise for recent Kansas City science . . .

"Despite being the primary social institution of the gay community for about 100 years, the author says his is the first national history of gay bars.

"Through his research, Hilderbrand learned that Kansas City was fertile ground for activism and art, and was at one point the national center for gay political organizing."

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A new book shows how Kansas City's drag performers influenced the national scene

A college professor with Kansas City roots is highlighting the city's influence in LGBTQ+ history and the national gay bar scene. Lucas Hilderbrand says the city was a nexus for gay political activity, activism and culture.