Missouri State Auditor Shares Jackson County Assessment Investigation Sneak Peek

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Here's the most important passage from today's presser . . .

Missouri State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick will announce his findings at 1 p.m. on Monday in Jefferson City.

The audit began last September after the Jackson County Legislature welcomed the audit. The audit aims to scrutinize the procedures employed for property value assessments, which saw an average increase of 30 percent for property owners in Jackson County.

"While the audit for the Jackson County Assessment Department is still in progress, Fitzpatrick will share some of the preliminary results for the benefit of homeowners who have questioned whether the large increases to the assessed values of their homes were done in compliance with state law," his office said in a news release about the press conference.

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Missouri State Auditor to unveil 'preliminary results' of audit of Jackson County Assessment Department

Missouri State Auditor Scott Fitzpatrick will discuss "preliminary results" next week in his audit of the Jackson County Assessment Department.